Why did the whi…

Why did the white people hate us just because we were different?

Class B: min paper #3


8 thoughts on “Why did the whi…

  1. The white people believed in the “White Man’s Burden” and “Social Darwinism”, the (mistaken) belief that they were superior to every other race. And it was their job to bring civilization to every other culture, whether they were invited or not.

  2. When people see others that seem foreign to them, they either want to know more about them or they fear them because it seems like they know what they’re doing.

  3. during this time period, there was a lot of discrimination. it was normal for whites to hate different races just because they looked different. they thought that they were all better just because we were a different skin color

  4. The whites had thought we were evil due to the fact that we had face paint on ourselves. They also thought that we were greedy with our land just because we had so much of it.

  5. The white people hated against anyone different from then we were different because the just because color of our skin and the way we lived.

  6. I believe that they were blinded by their own ignorance. They believed they were superior because we are different. We wore different cloths and had different customs.

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