If you were liv…

If you were living during the 1700’s, would you assimilate into Western culture or fight to keep your culture even if that means your death?

Class A: min paper #4


4 thoughts on “If you were liv…

  1. The Natives of the past did not know what was going to happen, so they made the most reasonable choice: most tribes sought a peaceful resolution for their people, while fewer others fought against the U.S. germs, guns, and steel.

    I believe that if anyone knew their future, or could look back in history, they would realize that they had made a mistake. And like any other human we strive for success and survival, so with our knowledge of the outcome of history. I believe that we should have fought against the Western expansion with a renewed vigor, so as to stop the horrific genocide that spanned several centuries.

  2. I also would have fought for what I believed in, in order for you to achieve what you want you have to stand your ground. Native people are still here fighting today because of the people back then that took the risk and fought for the people here today.

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