Why weren’t the…

Why weren’t the women and children spared at Wounded Knee?

Class A: min paper #6


3 thoughts on “Why weren’t the…

  1. The women and men weren’t spared because the white people didnt care about that kind of stuff. They didnt respect their women and children or see their values like Native people do.

  2. The women and children in any Native American massacre were never spared, because they would be another voice that would describe the horrific treatment that the U.S. army did on a regular basis. And the government gives orders to the U.S. army, so if publicized people would realize that Americans are actually what they claim to despise, Imperialists.
    The fewer people that know of an incident means the less likely of a chance that word would get out, it all depends on the person and their loyalties.

  3. Most of the soldiers were intoxicated, therefore they think about them. Also the English didn’t like Natives so they probably wouldn’t of cared anyways.

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