What do you thi…

What do you think about the power Native women had?

Class A, min paper 7


7 thoughts on “What do you thi…

  1. Native American women played a huge role in tribes. they organized everything lie the dancing and the drumming.

  2. I think Native women hold a much higher position compared to other cultures. Most cultures think lowly of women, but Natives recognize that women are the center of life.

  3. As a young teen myself, i think that the power Native American women had was great. It was a great opportunity for women to voice their opinion since women were never aloud to express what they feel; in older times.

  4. “HAD”! We still do Native women do and always will hold the power. Women are givers of life, they have the power to have a child develop in side of them as humans then finally give birth to the next generation of our native community. Women are very important and powerful and always will be.

  5. I believe the women ran the tribe, the women kept the tribe going, without matters would be a mess, nothing would run properly. That’s why some women were chiefs.

  6. i think that women are big part of of our community because they are the only ones that support one another and help families succeed.

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