Why does tradit…

Why does tradition play a huge part?

Class A, min paper 7


9 thoughts on “Why does tradit…

  1. Tradition plays a huge part in culture because after colonization white people wanted us to be like them. They will do anything to make us disappear from society. Tradition is important to keep so that we don’t forget who we are and where/what we came from.

  2. Traditions for native people is their way of life. Without traditions and ceremonies and everything else native life would be nothing.

  3. Tradition plays a huge role in culture and customs. From having disciplinary actions to the way adults raise their children tradition plays a role in everyones daily life style no matter what race you are.

  4. Tradition plays a big part because if we changed it all the time we would have to keep thinking and eventually run out of ideas.

  5. tradition plays a hug part in culture because when we show our tradition we show where we are from and some people might try and act like us.

  6. Tradition is important to us because its who we are and how we live our lives.Without your culture you wouldn’t have something to base off as.

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