Do you think it…

Do you think it was okay for the tribe to leave the two old women behind?

Class A, min paper 9 (thursday)

9 thoughts on “Do you think it…

  1. I understand that they left them after they didn’t think that they would survive the winter. But as a whole their tribe should have never left their elders.

  2. No because they are probably some of the wises of them all and i was always taught to respect your elders from my cousin and family in my tribe

  3. No, because they are old and they cant doas much things as younger people such as fishing and hunting and other lifestyle things.

  4. In retrospect, with their tribes mentality of leaving the weak who cannot contribute to the group, in such a harsh environment. I believe that with the initial character that both old women had, that the chief was justified according to their tradition.
    You should not provide the weak, old, and sick with the much needed food. Someone who doesn’t contribute is like a ‘leach sucking the blood away from the host and making the body weaker’. According to they story that is exactly what the two old women were doing, plus they were complaining and practically calling the young people useless and ignorant. Because the old women were claiming to have lived in better times in their youths, and they weren’t contributing any knowledge(as far as we know).

  5. No, the elderly are people too, they have just as much right to live than anyone else. As elders they also have more wisdom in situations like that, since they have been through hard times before. RESPECT YOUR ELDERS!!!!!

  6. no it was not right because they are so old and could use help with certain things that could not do when they were young but its also alright because they have the knowledge to survive on their own

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