Do you think th…

Do you think the debate was fair? Do you think that the court system is fair?

Class A, min paper 10

2 thoughts on “Do you think th…

  1. The Debate: No, all that the competition was, was just listing off as many themes from the story as you could, even if they were repeated. I was trying to support my themes by giving evidence, not just going at random.
    The Court System: No, court’s aren’t fair, and it’s been proven time and again. When people go to jail, and they were wrongly accused, they are serving a sentence they do not deserve. And if you were actually guilty, our system is pathetic anyway, immigrants from other countries laugh at how weak our system is.
    The innocent go to prison, because they don’t know any better. And the guilty stay out, because they know the system, that requires substantial evidence.

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