If you were lef…

If you were left behind at home to fend for yourself, how would you feel?

Class B, min paper 10


3 thoughts on “If you were lef…

  1. I would be lost without my parental guidance even at the stage in life I am at now being a young adult I know I am no where near ready to be on my own, even though at times I like to believe I am.

  2. If I was left home alone, or out in the wilderness to fend for myself. I wouldn’t be to worried, I have had some experience. But with my life now, I would definitely feel a new weight and responsibility on my shoulders. So I have prepared my myself, and I continually prepare myself.

  3. If i was left alone, the first feeling that would come to me is anger. I would be mad at the family for leaving me at home then i would be lost without my parents to tell me the right decisions to make.

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