4 thoughts on “Should the two …

  1. Yes, the old women should forgive the tribe because even though the tribe abandoned them they did it for the betterment of the tribe. Also, the tribe felt guilty after the fact for leaving the old women behind, especially after the tribe saw that the old women were able to sustain themselves all that time.

  2. i think they should not seeing that there own family left them, and the tribe only came back because they realized that they need the 2 women after they left them allow to fend for them self.

  3. Yes, because even though they were left to fend for themselves it didn’t really affect their lives all that much. Their wisdom and old ways gave them advantage over the tribe.

  4. no they should not forgive the tribe because they thought wrong nd thought that it would be better to leave them behind but really it wouldnt make a diffrence so they shouldnt forgive them.

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