5 thoughts on “Does anybody un…

  1. no, all he did was put it in a circle and then asked us how many polar bears are standing outside the cave and it was hard because we were counting the angles and every little thing.

  2. The # of Polar Bears and the Ice Hole, represented a teaching of the old ways.
    When you hunt, you dedicate all of your time and effort into what you are doing. All your focus goes into killing that animal that is supplying your meal. So the draw-back is that, if someone is stalking you, you aren’t paying any attention. And you wind up dead.
    So the lesson being, when you hunt, you have a friend watching your back. Because chances are, there is a predator watching you.

  3. Wow, goodstuff Kris Blackman. This was my question and after you explained it like that i understand now.

  4. Angelo was just trying to make us think in a different way. Besides the way that the public school system makes us think. To answer it correctly, we had to think like Natives.

  5. i kind of understood what he was trying to teach. 1 of his reasonings for this game was to teach us that in traditional schools you had to learn by watching closely to what the teacher was doing but nowadays we sit in classes reading and writing down material.

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