Happy Late Thanksgiving Holiday (Sort of…)

Hello all,

This is a late Thanksgiving (or what some call “Thanks-taking”) post to wish all a happy holiday and a good time with friends, family, and loved ones. Here is a clip from “After the Mayflower” from the We Shall Remain series that came out some years ago to give people a better idea, not the best idea, but better than what is floating around out there in popular culture and media, American mythology, and just plain old misinformation and prejudice. Remember three things: 1) Native Americans have their own side of the story, their version of the truth regarding Thanksgiving and you should ask them 2) Indigenous peoples live with the consequences of First Contact EVERYDAY, this is also known as historical trauma, and 3) Being thankful is a way of life for Indian people because it is a fundamental living philosophy for indigenous people everywhere meant for everyday, not just one day of the year.

Let us be grateful for all we do have, especially each other, and our continuing survival on our own lands. Prayers of thanks to our Creator.

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