“Red, Black, and Blues” UMASS Amherst Presentation Spring 2014

Red, Black, and Blues presented by Jon Hill,
as part of the 2014 Umass Native American Studies and Indigenous Week

The Indian Album

The Indian Album: Jimi Hendrix

The conference center at Umass Amherst is filled with people from the campus and surrounding community. A great presentation about the intersection of Native American, African American, and Blues/Jazz music traditions and how they made some famous singers, artists, song-writers, and music that many people associate with American music today. Jon is also on guitar as pictured in the far right. Great job, Jon!


Warren Griffin, a Native Tribal Scholars instructor, poses for the camera. Also, with him are performers from the band “Red, Black, and Blues”, singer Martha Redbone, and poet/writer Ron Welburn.